How to make YouTube link that opens in YouTube app

It happens every time, especially when we share our YouTube video link on our Instagram or any social media app that offer an in-app browser.

Every time a user clicks on that link, that link opens YouTube's website. And because of that if that user wants to Subscribe to our Channel or Like or comment on our video, they need to log in, which makes it hard to get some engagement from our social media friends

How to make YouTube link that opens in YouTube app?

So, to avoid this problem we can use deep linking of the youtube app.

Deep links are links that take users straight to an app rather than a website or shop. They are used to direct users to specific in-app locations, saving them time and energy in the process of locating a specific page – greatly enhancing the user experience.

YouTube Deep Link

So in this post, we'll see some methods with which can help us create deep links or Direct app links easily in very few steps.

1. Use App Link Maker

This method is the simplest, all you have to do is Copy, Paste, Copy and Post. Yes, You heard me right. Only four main steps to get your own YouTube video deep link.

  1. Open YouTube Deep Link Maker
  2. Paste your video URL
  3. Click on Create button
  4. Your Deep Link is ready
  5. Copy it and paste it on your social media platforms
How to make YouTube link that opens in YouTube app?

2. Using Opener

There is an app called Opener that has the same functionality as App Link Maker, Anyone can create deep links using the opener app easily.

However, it does not have a web app, making it tough for individuals who do not have an IOS device or who do not want to install any software on their device, as it only offers an IOS app.

It's fast and easy to use. Need an IOS device to use it.
Works very smoothly without any ads. It's a paid application.
Allows you to create links for multiple apps. Don't have a web app.
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