YouTube App Link Maker

YouTube Direct app link maker / Deep link maker (Free) + (No Sign Up). Create youtube video links that directly open in the YouTube app.

This tool will help you gain more subscribers and revenue by redirecting users to the YouTube app on their smartphone instead of an in-app browser.

How To Use?

Using this tool is very easy all you need is your YouTube video link. Detailed steps are below:

Copy Your YouTube video link
Paste that link in the input field above
Click on the Create button
Copy the generated link and share it wherever you want.

How it works?

Do You ever noticed that every time you put a YouTube video link on your social media profiles such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else, whenever your followers click on that link an in-app browser opens up that require users to login again with their accounts?

Just because of that you lose a big amount of engagement on your channel.

With the help of our tool, your followers will be redirected to YouTube's mobile app, where they can easily Like, Comment and Subscribe to your Channel.

Why YouTube Link Maker?

YouTube App Link Maker
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