Served 500 Million Views to Our Users

December 2021: We've created YT Direct Link Maker Tool, Which helps creators to redirect their social media following to their Youtube video while skipping the in-app browser and opening that video directly in YouTube app. By doing this creators will be able to convert their social media following to their YouTube following.

Served 500 Million Views to Our Users

For the first month, not even a single user used our tool. So we've improved its functionality. Still no luck 😢, but we've kept it going and keep adding new features. After 45 Days of publishing this tool, we've got our first organic user. We served 3700+ views on their video. After that, we've never looked back.

Fast forwarding to Today (05-09-2022), approx 9 months later we've completed serving 500 million views to our user's videos.

All I (Sachin Sharma aka AsliSachin) want to thank all of you for choosing ApgyTools.

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