How to create unlimited QR Codes for free

You've likely seen much more QR codes in the past months than ever before. Thanks to the 2020 pandemic, restaurants are keen not to share physical menus, Shops would like you to join their virtual queue and some places like gyms and libraries would like to be able to contact you in case of an outbreak. But how can you make your QR codes for free, well I'm here to help you with all your QR code needs:

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Creating your QR code is a very easy process, You can create your QR code in less than 15 seconds. All you need is the data that you want to add to the QR code and a tool that can help you generate a QR code from your data.

Here's a list of different type of data that you can store into QR code:

  • URL
  • Email Address
  • Contact Data
  • Phone Number
  • Calendar Data
  • Plain Text
  • SMS
  • Geo Location

Let's see how You can create unlimited QR codes for free, I'm sharing all the common and easy ways to create QR codes:

Using QR Code Maker

QR Code maker by ApgyTools is a tool that will help you create an unlimited amount of QR codes for free, Below are the steps of how to use ApgyTools's QR Code maker to create unlimited QR codes:

  1. Open QR Code Maker by [Clicking Here]
  2. Enter your desired data in the textbox
  3. Click on [Generate] button
  4. Your QR Code will be ready in front of you
  5. Right Click on the Code and Select Save image as..
  6. On touch screen devices, long press on the code and save it as an Image.
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