Introducing UPI Payments Link Maker

It happens with us many times that we need to receive a payment from someone over the UPI and they start asking for your number. And that is annoying sometimes to share your number with every other person.

Introducing UPI Payments Link Maker

Yes, we can provide them with our UPI id. But they don't always know how to use it, though. So you have to tell them to copy this and paste it into the UPI app of their choice, which sounds a little strange to them.

So, with the introduction of the UPI Payments Link Maker, we are fixing all of those little concerns and saving you time. This application will assist you in creating your own UPI web page where users can pay you with a single click.

You don't need to disclose your personal information with them anymore; simply share this link with anyone who needs to pay. They can pay you in two ways: by scanning the QR code or by clicking the Pay Now button.

By clicking on Pay Now button they will be redirected to their desired payment app with your details auto-filled. All they have to do is pay.

And Voila, you got your payment. You can reuse this link as many times as you want, or you can just put this link on your website or social media profiles.

How to create your own UPI payment link for free?

Creating your own UPI payment link is very easy, All you need is your UPI id. Copy your UPI id from your desired app for UPI payments. It usually looks like (yourname@anything or yournumber@anything). After copying that, follow these easy steps to start:

  1. Open UPI Payments Link Maker.
  2. Enter Your Name (You can put any name here [Business or Personal]).
  3. Enter amount (Only if you want to receive a certain amount, otherwise leave it empty).
  4. Click on Generate button.
  5. Copy Your Link.

And that's it, you've got your UPI link in seconds. Now share this link with anyone you want to receive payments.

UPI Payments Link Maker
UPI Link Maker

Check Out Our UPI Payments Link Maker.

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