Amazon Affiliate Link Maker

Create an Amazon affiliate link in seconds by simply pasting the product link and clicking "Create Affiliate Link".

Amazon Affiliate Link Generator is a tool that helps you create affiliate links for any amazon products for free.

Once You put your Affiliate Tag, We'll save it in your browser for your future use.

How Affiliate Link Generator Works?

This tool takes your amazon affiliate tag and put it in the amazon product link in seconds so you don't need to visit the Amazon associates dashboard to create your affiliate links.

Why do I need amazon affiliate links?

Sometimes you may have some products that you like and you think that your friends or followers will also like those products so you share those products with them so they can buy that too.

You'll get a portion of the product value as commission if you create an affiliate link for those goods and share it with them. This means you may make money by recommending things to your friends or followers.

How to use affiliate link maker

It's simple to use this tool; all you need is an Amazon product URL and your affiliate tag (only once) After you've obtained those two items, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Paste the product link on the first input field.
  2. Enter your affiliate tag in the second input field.
  3. Enter the Product name or any text you want in your HTML code (optional).
  4. Press Create Affiliate Link button, and that's it.

You're fine to go if you follow these four simple steps. You won't have to insert your affiliate tag in the future because we'll save it in your browser's local storage for future usage.

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