Click-to-Subscribe Link Generator

Introducing the Click-to-Subscribe Link Generator, your go-to tool for boosting YouTube subscriptions. It automatically appends ?sub_confirmation=1 to valid YouTube channel URLs, prompting instant subscription. Perfect for creators, this SEO-friendly tool supports standard, user, handle, and custom URLs, enhancing your channel's growth effortlessly. Try it now!

How to Use the Click-to-Subscribe Link Generator

  • Find the input box labeled "Enter YouTube Channel Link."
  • Type or paste your YouTube channel URL into this box. Your URL can be in any of these formats:
  • Click the "Create Link" button below the input box.
  • Your Link is Generated Successfully.
  • Copy the modified URL.
  • Share this link on social media, your website, or any platform where you want to encourage people to subscribe to your channel.


  1. Input:
  2. Click "Create Link"
  3. Output:

That's it! Your viewers will now see a prompt to subscribe when they click your shared link.

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